Terms of use

General Information

The purpose of the present is to present the terms and conditions governing the use or the “PANAGIOTOU SA” site and its pages, which will be thereafter called as the “site”. The use of the site presupposes the unconditional and full acceptance of the relevant terms, which apply to the total of its contents. The present net pages: http://www.panagiotou.com.gr and its sub-pages are the property of “PANAGIOTOU SA” and are protected by the Greek Laws referring to lawful rights, with respect to Law 2121/1993.

Personal Information of the Visitors- Users of the site

In order to explore the site, the visitors- users do not need to submit any personal information.

Personal information is needed in cases of contact with the company. The company “PANAGIOTOU SA” has taken every measure possible for the rightful and lawful observance and processing of personal data provided by the visitors of its net pages, such as name, phone number and e-mail address.

For any query, concerning the confidentiality rules, as well as the observance and processing of data, you may contact the IT Helpdesk, phone number: +30 23210 58081.

Personal Data Disclosure

The visitors’- users’ personal data are only for use within the company “PANAGIOTOU SA” and will in no way be revealed to a third party.

Personal data of the users may only be revealed in the following cases:

a) Following an adjudication, or in case this is foreseen by the law or the judicial – prosecution authorities, or bodies acting under their supervision within the framework of justice administration, or to service their operational needs, for the purposes of establishing corroboration of a crime

b) If the responsible bodies of “PANAGIOTOU SA” consider that such disclosure is necessary for the protection of other lawful rights, or to prevent any personal or corporate damage.


The visitors- users of the site accept the fact that the internet services of “PANAGIOTOU SA” may be affected or temporarily interrupted, due to technical or network problems. There is a possibility that an interruption of services may occur, due to issues related to infrastructure, which are not within the responsibility and control framework of “PANAGIOTOU SA”.

Hyperlinks with other sites

The site may include hyperlinks with other network sites, which belong to third parties. These are governed by separate terms and rules of use, which have nothing to do with “PANAGIOTOU SA” and visitors should turn to them for information independently.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use

Net surfing on the site of “PANAGIOTOU SA” and dispatch of the users’ personal data automatically mean that the latter accept the present terms of use and consent to the observance, rightful and lawful processing of their personal information submitted to “PANAGIOTOU SA, for the purposes of the site’s services, with respect to Law 2472/1997.